Spring pics - almost 2!

Spring pics - almost 2!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playgroup Halloween Party

Thanks to the Kliepfel's for hosting an AWESOME Halloween Party for the triplets' playgroup.  We had a fun singer who brought instruments for the kids to play with.  Yummy snacks, a fun craft, and a treat bag to bring home.

Here are some cute pics:

Aubrey (the hostess/fish) and Audrey (Dorothy)
 Katherine (Glinda) and a hand bell
 Mason (the friendly lion)
Thanks to all the playgroup Mom's and nanny's for making this party so fun!

Fall 2011 Trip pics

Brody and I went to Kansas City a couple of weekends ago to visit Uncle Ron.  While we were there Dave took the trips up to the Art Center Rose Garden to get fall pictures.  Here are a few of the cute ones. 

You have to love the Cairns:

Katherine Ann
 Mason William

 Audrey Grace

Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty Training

The potty training is going well.  The triplets friend Aubrey was over and went #1 in the potty 4 times in a row!!  When Audrey saw that she got an M & M every time she decided she wanted to get one, too!
You hear about  boys being harder to train but for us so far Mason has been the most consistent.  Audrey just wants to tell you why she doesn't want to sit on the potty.  Ha ha!

I thought since the cost of diapers were going up this would be a good time to focus on this new skill.  Only problem is the pull ups hold less "matter" so we have to change them more often.  I am not sure if I am winning here or not?

Bless Miss Amber - she has spent the last week in the downstairs bathroom.  I give her credit though she has potty songs pulled up on her smart phone and they are singing while they are in there.

Thanks be to God for blessing us with Miss Amber!

Mason, Katherine, & Audrey Turn 2!

So sorry to everyone that this has taken so long to get posted.  Here is what I remember from the day.

It rained, and rained, and rained!

We did not rent the shelter but luckily no one was using it so we set up shop there.  There was someone graduating from Drake that came right as the party ended so it worked out perfectly.
 Brody (5) Audrey (2) Mason (2) Katherine (2)
Look at the wide mouths full of cake!!

Dave let one of the triplets in the super big and curvy slide, I think it was Mason, and he got stuck!  We almost had to send Amber the nanny (she is 4' 11') up the slide to get him.

 Thank you to all our friends and family that braved the weather for an outdoor party in May.


Friday, May 6, 2011

If these were taken in April can I count them as their 2 year?

Easter 2011

I have had several people mention to me that I needed to update my blog so here is my effort.

Easter was a fun weekend but also very tiring. On Saturday we went to church for an egg hunt, to meet EB, and play games. There were over 5000 eggs this year. Kudos to the volunteers at the church.

That night Katherine would not fall asleep for some reason so I was up until 10:30pm with her. Then the EB could come but she did not get to bed until midnight.

Flash forward to Easter morning at 7:15am everyone was up and noticed there were eggs out. EB tried to hide some of the eggs at triplet level but Brody found them very easily. We ended up having to ask him to let the trips find some.

Mason in his Mason style grabbed 2 of his 6 eggs (one in each hand) and got up in the recliner and watched everyone find the eggs for him. He is going to be a manager one day with those skills.

Katherine (our stripper) you will notice was in her diaper since she had removed her pesky PJ's some time in the middle of the night.

I hope everyone had a great Easter, too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Downstairs Bath and Playroom (formerly the den).

Here is a shot of the custom Mirror, 2x2 mosaic tiles, extra storage, and the furniture style cabinet and drawers designed by Dave and built by Joe the trim carpenter in a shaker style. It is truly AWESOME!! Note the squares for the tile, the lights, the pull knobs, etc.
This is a close up of the granite counter top and the drawers. There is one for each member of the family and two for visitors. Note the lovely towel next to the sink. We still need a towel rack. :O)
Here is a view of the toilet. For the men in my family you will now be able to sit without your knees hitting the door. There more mosaic around the wainscot. You can also see the pinwheel pattern on the floor. We lost a closet but Joe made sure we had plenty of storage. Enough to hold towels, soap, and TP.
This is a shot of the new closet, just large enough for cleaning supplies, the vacuum, and some games. The carpet pad is super squishy. We highly recommend our contractor and Ryan Jones at Amerifloor in Urbandale.